Our Rates

Introducing Transparent and Low-Interest Rates

Many people often wonder about the interest rates associated with pre-settlement legal funding.

Because the details of each case vary, it is challenging to come up with a fixed rate. Some riskier cases may carry higher interest rates, while those more secure might have lower rates.

Unlike conventional loans, our rates are tailored precisely to the details of your lawsuit, and here’s the best part – no hidden fees. This transparency empowers you to manage your finances with confidence and peace of mind.

Factors Affecting Your Lawsuit Loan Rate

We do not base loan rates on your personal finances or credit score. We respect your privacy, meaning there’s no need for a deep dive into your private banking details. Instead, the interest rates for pre-settlement legal funding are determined based on specific factors directly tied to your lawsuit:

  • Case type and complexity: The nature and intricacy of your case play a significant role in determining the interest rate.
  • Expected settlement compensation (total damages): The overall compensation you anticipate receiving is a key factor.
  • Expected timeline for your case: The duration your case is expected to last also influences the rate structure.

Our Repayment Procedure

When you win your lawsuit, you’ll only need to repay the portion of your compensation package that we agreed upon. And rest assured, there are no hidden fees involved. Moreover, the repayment process is made even more convenient for you – we handle it directly through your attorney.

Remember, if you do lose your lawsuit, there’s no obligation to repay us. Florida Lawsuit Loans accepts the loss, and you won’t be burdened with repayment.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Case Resolution

Your case wraps up, either through negotiations or a successful court trial, guaranteeing you the compensation you deserve.

Step Two: Compensation Sent to Your Attorney

The responsible party sends a compensation check directly to your lawyer’s office, following the pre-agreed amount.

Step Three: Attorney Manages Deductions and Payment

Your lawyer handles all necessary deductions, including their fees, and then issues a check for the remaining compensation to Florida Lawsuit Loans.

Step Four: Swift and Hassle-Free Funding

Once everything is agreed upon, quick funding is ensured, allowing you to receive the remaining compensation without any unnecessary delays.

This streamlined process is designed to provide you with the funds you’re entitled to, making the entire experience smooth and stress-free.

Florida Lawsuit Loans: Your Trustworthy Partner in Legal Funding

Ready to ease your financial burden? Reach out to us at (555) 111-1212 or conveniently apply through our online form. Don’t let financial constraints impede your pursuit of justice. Secure the support you rightfully deserve today. Florida Lawsuit Loans is here to make a positive difference in your legal journey.